Do Your Business, Mind Your Business




DO YOUR BUSINESS / MIND YOUR BUSINESS is a free guerrilla art campaign designed to increase bathroom safety for transgender and gender nonconforming people.

All-gender restrooms are an important first step in decreasing harassment in public bathrooms, but until ALL restrooms are gender-neutral, they are not sufficient is securing safety. Gender nonconforming people continue to be at risk for accusatory staring, verbal abuse and physical assault when they enter the restroom of their choice, even when the name on the door matches their sex assigned at birth. This campaign was created to increase tolerance and acceptance in public restrooms through repeated exposure to posters that are playful and easily understood from a glance. 

Remember, bathroom safety is not just a social justice issue but a matter of importance for our community’s health!  

Share your favorites on social media, or print them out and post them in bathrooms in schools, healthcare settings, businesses, and institutions everywhere. Feel free to alter the posters to fit your local culture.  You can also add your organizations logo if you wish to include contact info for those who seek further training in LGBT cultural competence. 

Design and Creative Direction by Kevin Wade for the National LGBT Cancer Network. For more information, contact us at